Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's all in the details: Kitchen

"It's the little details that are vital, 
little things make big things happen."
~John Wooden

"Success is the sum of details."
~Harvey S. Firestone

"The details are not the details. They make the design."
~Charles Eames

I really do believe that good design is in the details. Maybe it's because small details make up the overall design, or if someone put thought into the details it probably means they put a lot of thought into the big picture haha
But, for this reason we've bought a counter depth fridge and freezer, we lost a couple cubic feet of space and spent a bit more money (why something smaller costs more is beyond my comprehension) but the fridge will be in line with the counter and cabinets,  giving it a cleaner look.
Here's some other details that will make up the kitchen:
Some monogrammed Tea Towels, like these ones from Martha

A new chrome faucet for the sink,
Here's the sink:

Here's the faucet:

We'll be needing a new toaster, coffee maker, and kettle.

Photos via
Or this toaster, that has an egg cooker attached, almost easier then getting a mcmuffin from mcdonalds!

Photo via
Love this Kettle/Tea pot! Lee's the tea drinker in our house, and 99% of the water that gets boiled in our kettle is for tea so this is a great option:
photo via
Or this kettle, I don't know if I ever seen a more stylish electric kettle:

Photo via

Now for the pendant lights. I have a small problem! Sometimes I do this to myself, I see something, I get that idea in my head and nothing else will do. I saw some amazing pendants a long time ago on Design Inc. (a design show featuring Sarah Richardsons Design Co.)  Here are the fabulous Pendants:

photo via
They kind of look like this:
Now here's what I'm thinking, either someone will have seen these somewhere and let me in on their whereabouts, or, we'll work on a homemade version (last option as we already have a lot on our plates these days).
We found these beauties at Pottery Barn, so far they are our number one contenders, but they aren't as "frilly" as I would like them to be, and at around $150.00 they are at the top of our price range for pendants.

photo via
So, anybody seen anything like these in your travels?
I've seen them, now I have to have them, even if I have to make them myself . . . . .  by make myself I mean ask Lee to make for me :) I tell you, husband of the year :)


  1. Love all the ideas! Be sure when shopping for your new faucet you make note of the diameter of the hole drilled in your granite for the existing one. They are generally all standard, but not always (some pull-out versions require a larger hole). You wouldn't want to fall in love with a faucet to find your hole too big or too small. I wish our frig was counter depth, between the sides and the door it sticks out almost 6 inches! UGH!! Love the pendants...will be on the lookout.

  2. wow who knew walmart had such nice appliances!

  3. Love the appliances and the faucet. Will keep an eye out for the pendants and for "options" for homemade. What is your ideal diameter for the shade portion?

  4. I think the Ideal diameter would be 8" ish but could go down to 6" or up to 12"
    Thanks for keeping me in mind ladies!

  5. I can see you are having too much fun! I love those monogrammed towels. Isn't it fun having a house to decorate?

  6. Have you searched through here for pendant lighting?

    Sometimes I feel like I should work for them, for the amount of time I spend gazing through all their stock. ha ha. I haven't found your exact desired light but I haven't viewed all 412 options yet.

    Good luck to you.

  7. Love these photos :) I could use a few of them in my new kitchen

    A new follower from BYW,
    XO Laura

  8. Dearest Ashli, these are awesome items and im loving that monogrammed Tea Towels! So happy to meet you from BYW forumn. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  9. Being a Southern girl from Alabama, I have to say I really go crazy over anything monogrammed!!!!

  10. I know it has been awhile since you did this post, but would you mind sharing where you found the Martha Stewart tea towels? (The white ones with the red stripe?) I have been looking for something like these for a long time with no luck. I did try searching online after I read your post but still with no luck. Love your blog!
    Thank you!


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