Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Full Disclosure: Vacuuming Your Mattress

On our last trip to the wonderful land called Target, I picked up some Organic Cotton Sheets for $44.99 wow! Now while they aren't the softest sheets ever, they are Organic and comfortable. Next wash I'll add some vinegar as a fabric softener.

The new sheets inspired me to vacuum the mattress a little before schedule. We vacuum our mattress every 3 months, but this was a 2 month mattress vacuum, I know very crazy!!
Lee was helping me change the sheets and had never seen the results of a good mattress vacuum, so I put him to work, while I took the pictures. (no those aren't my manly hands in the photo)

Now here comes the full disclosure part, here is what the vacuum pulls out of the mattress, only two months after it's last vacuum.

eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww! I can't believe I just showed you that!!! Aaaa . . . . . . 
Here's the break down:
We have a dyson D17 Animal Vacuum, it sucks hard :)
We use a thin mattress pad to protect the mattress.
We use the Dyson attachment that has the spinning brushes, it works so much better then just the upholstery attachment.
So, there's my full disclosure, doesn't it make you want to vacuum your mattress :)


  1. wow.. that is amazing. Where did you buy your Dyson D17? I've been wanting a Dyson.. Did you get a good deal on it?

  2. It does make me want to vacuum my mattress!

  3. I'd wanted a Dyson for so long but every time we went to the store to buy one I couldn't fork out the $700+ dollars. So I picked the one I wanted and waited to see one come up on craigslist. We found ours from a couple who bought this one before they were married and then as a wedding gift someone bought them the new ball one and they sold us this one for . . . . . $300. Alot of the ones on craigslist are still under warentee!!

  4. OMG! I have the same vacuum..... I'm a freak about vacuuming, yet I have never vacuumed my mattress, it is only a year old but you know what I'll being doing this weekend when I change the sheets! Thanks for the tip!!:)

  5. forgot to ask..... do you like the sheets?

  6. Yay!! Vacuumed mattress all around!! haha
    Let me get back to you on the sheets! They aren't very soft but it was the first wash and I didn't use any fabric softener, I'll wash them again early next week and let you know!!

  7. I have an Electrolux and love the bagless feature. I too am excited and appalled at the dirt that gets sucked up. I recently did a bedroom strip down and the mattress was hosting some very yucky dirt.

  8. wow! We're having a new bed delivered today, but keeping our old mattress for now. I'll totally be vacuuming it before making up the new bed. Ashamed to say I've never vacuumed a mattress! (and I have that dyson too :))

    Stumbled across your blog last week and I love it - very inspiring

  9. a. i need a new vacuum
    b. i need a new mattress and i am never sleeping somewhere else.
    omg, look at all that skin.

  10. Things that make you go hmmmm! lol

    We got a great mattress pad when we bought our mattress at Sleep Country. The sales lady told us it would keep 99% of "stuff" away from the mattress so we can just remove it and throw it in the washer. We learned how well it really works when our puppy was up on our bed and peed - and surprisingly the liquid did not go past the mattress pad! But I still vacuum the mattress every... 6 months!

    Maybe I'll start doing it a little more often...

  11. I scored same sheet set on sale this week (think its for all the college kids going back) for $33 bucks. Of course white was out of stock, but I did get a pretty blue. I am going to give them a good washing...was just wondering how they are holding up for you?

  12. Wow, $33 that's a great deal!
    They are holding up really well, at first I thought they were a little rough but the next time I washed them I added a bit of fabric softener, they came out nice and soft, I was thinking I'd invest in another pair! Thanks for the sale Heads up :)

  13. Wow, Will be vacuuming our mattresses Sunday when I change the sheets. I can only imagine what our Dyson will be pulling out. Ugh, I'm imagining HUGE yuck as we've never vacuumed them (thankfully we do at least use mattress covers!)

  14. Ok. You scared me into it. Maybe my eyes won't itch at night so much now...

    Uh--thank you? No, seriously, thanks for the info. I'll give it a whirl. (Seeing as I have a spinning-brush upholstery attachment, I mean that literally. Yeah, I'm the comedy queen. Or at least one of her ladies-in waiting. I'll go now...)


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