Monday, August 23, 2010

Feathering The Nest, so to speak

Birdy decor seems to be every where these days and The Maillardville Manor is no exception. We've had our birdy touches around the manor for some time now, but it was the most recent addition of a seed canister,  that sparked a spotlight on all things feathery.
We have been storing Carson's seed in a plastic ziploc bag, but this canister is a much more stylish, and functional, way to store his dinner. In case your looking for one it's from Chapters on their summer clearance rack.

This luggage tag isn't really considered home decor, but it's just so darn cute. I keep it on my camera bag! It's from Target.

You've seen our little ceramic birdies during our Coffee Table Chic post. They are from Pier 1 imports.

And last, we have Carson, he counts, although please no angry emails, I know animals are not accessories : )


  1. Love the canister. My parents have a lot of birds, and I know she'd love something more decorative to store their feed in as well. Carson is a cutie!! We have several little birdies around our house too. We even had two sets of "real" robin babies this year.

  2. love your birds! what/where is chapters? i am having no luck in my search :) woo-hoo for you on being on the Lettered Cottage!!!

  3. Thanks,
    Chapters is a bookstore here in canada,
    it's very much like Barnes and Noble, I actually think they are owned by the same company. Hope that helps

  4. Love that Canister but I love Carson more!

    xx kelley

  5. Hi Ashli

    Love the birds. Your new mudroom is super nice. Great job. It's so nice to come across another Canadian blog.
    Greetings from Ontario. Stop by our blog when you get a chance.

  6. Carson is a cutie and I love his very stylish seed container.

  7. I don't have a real bird but I love your yellow one (yellow has become my favorite color) and I love the darling canister. Thanks for your sweet e-mail too.

  8. Please follow my newly created blog - first time home builder documenting the journey! Love your blog - thanks :)


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