Friday, June 18, 2010

Shelf Paper for the Pantry

I love shelf liners. They're like wallpaper for your cupboards!
So, when we had left over liner from another project (Kitchen Sink Linked HERE), I jumped at the chance to line more shelves with this pretty green paper. The paper we bought from Target (LINK) and for around $5 you get so much paper, seriously I still have enough to do another cupboard.

It's really easy to use, just make sure you follow the old adage, measure twice cut once. 

Since our pantry doors are glass it just made sense to make the shelves as pretty as possible. Even a can of tuna looks nicer against the celery green paper.

My only concern with the paper lies in it's potential to off gas, it did smell a little gluey (if that's a word) right after we installed it, but the smell quickly disappeared after a few minutes. Everything stored in the pantry is sealed so I'm not too worried about the paper leaching chemicals into any food. When I researched the paper I found that the adhesive chemicals are considered Food Safe (whatever that means) and the Low Adhesive type, which this paper is, contains fewer chemicals then the regular adhesive ones. Not the most organic of solutions but beautiful non the less, plus the ease of cleaning tipped the scales and we installed the paper yesterday.
Special thanks to Lee who did  the measuring, cutting, installing, the whole project. Thanks : )


  1. So my question is . Could you use this without taking off the sticky part ?

  2. I think you could. . . With that being said, it would probably roll up on the ends but if you stored enough on the paper, it would more then likely flatten out :) If you decide to do it that way, Let me know how it turns out, i'm very interested!!

  3. Well I tried it and you were right. If I had a lot of things in the cabinet it worked but the edges did curl up.

  4. Thanks for letting me know. I wonder if you just stuck down the edges that would hold the paper in place and then you could pull it up really easily if you wanted too.
    Thanks again for the update I was wondering how that turned out!

  5. Ok so here I am again! Told you that wouldnt be the last time you heard from me lol. So I totally got inspired from this idea and not just the shelf paper, Green is my favorite color, but the glass cabinet itself is awesome!! I have kind of like a galley kitchen and it seems kind of small so I think I am going to pain all my cabinets a very light grey (because it pulls out the color in my kitchen tile)and replace all "most" of my upper cabinets with glass ones I think it will make it look bigger.


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