Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Organizing and Storing Dog Toys

On a recent trip to Homesense I picked up a set of 3 stuffed building block dog toys for Max. They are made by Planet Dog and retail for about $20 at most pet stores. I once grabbed a set for $20 and carried them around the store with me, but alas could not shell out the dough and put them down before checking out. So I was over the moon to find the same set on sale for $3.99 at good old homesense, because we all know Max needs more toys, sure let's go with that.

I realize the idea of dog toy storage is kind of crazy, most people don't have enough dog toys to worry about storing them. We on the other hand are crazy and do. Thanks to some very generous friends and family, a dog that hasn't once destroyed a toy in his 8 years and a puppy mommy (me) who loves the reaction a new toy gets, we are overloaded with dog toys. Even after a recent donation of toys to my sister and her new fur baby, we are still left with the issue of where to store all these toys.

There is a method to my madness, Max has seasonal toys, that are stored with the seasonal decorations (christmas toys are stored with christmas decorations and the same for halloween) and the rest are stored downstairs in the living room and are switched out when they need washing (Max is missing teeth and as a result ends up gumming his toys until they are gooey and smell horrible), therefore they need washing frequently and need to be kept close at hand, or paw.
 So if you ever wondered what all the baskets are for, now you know, they are for Max.
The two baskets in the bookshelf on the fireplace are for less frequently used toys.

Then for the toys that get dragged all around the house there is a basket on the stairs to trow the toys into, usually after you step on one releasing a very loud squeak. I'm in love with this basket though, it's got a cutout for the step, it's really handy and kinda cute sitting on a step.

For the rest ,we keep his little favorites in a small basket under our coffee table, that way he can pull them out when he wants a new one.

If you are interested in Max's favorite toys I have a list of them on our Amazon Store, under the Pets section. He likes all of his toys but he has some very specific favorites.
And the last picture is just a slightly fuzzy photo of a very happy little puppy.


  1. this post had me LOL!
    I 3 year old doesn't have that many toys!
    Nice storage!

  2. hahaha thanks We went a bit crazy! okay a little more then a bit!!

  3. Where did you find the basket that fits on the stairs?

  4. The stairs basket is from a local store here in Langley (McBurney's Junction) I've also seen them at Michaels, and if you type in Stair Basket in Amazon they have a bunch of very cute ones :)
    Hope that helps

  5. That is hilarious and I can certainly identify! I have 2yorkies as well, Ralphie & Flossie and they have a dresser full of clothes and baskets full of toys!

  6. I just came across your blog and I LOVE this post! I have a rescued German Shepard and she has sooo many toys too. Everyone thinks I'm nuts, but I'm glad I'm not alone!


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