Monday, June 7, 2010

"Library Bookcase"

 Across from our dinning room table is our "Library". I read a lot of books, mostly non-fiction, mostly books relating to house, home, food, cooking, green living, or simplicity. You can find a list of my 10 favorite must reads, HERE.
I've organized my books into sections, and will soon be adding labels to the shelves, check back next week for that. I'm not neurotic enough to organize them alphabetically by title or author, I find it much easier to find what I need when everything is in it's section.

Inside of our bookcases is where we keep our charging station for our cell phones and I-pods, since it's right at the top of the stairs it's easy to just drop your phone on it's charger. The charging station keeps everything neat and tidy it organizes and hides all the unsightly cords and plugs well hidden in a hinged compartment at the back. We keep our rechargeable batteries in the small drawer underneath the phones. The charging station is something you can find at a lot of different stores, we got ours from Target. It's worth the money, it hides cords, makes it easy to charge your cell phone, and keeps everything neat and tidy. Caution- make sure to buy one that has a big enough compartment in the back to house the cords and plugs.
Along the bottom of the "Library" houses my collection of Martha Stewart Living magazines. I store them by month not by year, so that each month I can grab the magazines that apply.

Well, that's our "Library", if you can call it that. Maybe a more appropriate title would be "Overloaded Bookcase". Either way I love our little Library.
Just remember to secure any bookcases to the wall, no earthquake casualties here.


  1. I too have a large collection of Martha Stewart Living magazines - every issue since and including the premier issue in 1990. They're stretched across the top shelf of a wide closet. I love the idea of storing them by month rather than year - that makes so much sense! I think I'll reorganize them this weekend...

  2. I love what you have done with your library. I want some low book cases and chairs, with a round table in front of the window. Thanks for the inspiration. I had already thought of chairs (that I don't own yet) but seeing the bookcase is just perfect too. Organizing your magazines is such an ingenious idea. Very clever!

  3. Is the Billy bookcase sturdy? It looks like a lot of books are on those shelves. Have they shelves themselves curved from the weight?

    1. They did curve a bit but there were TONS of books on there, once every 6 months I would take all the books off (shelf by Shelf) clean them and then flip them over.
      Hope that helps


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