Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hallway Pictures

I love photos. If you were to come visit me in my golden years, you'll see me in a rocking chair surrounded by dusty photos. The mantle, the window sill, the coffee table, any and all ledges will be full of picture frames, all,  hopefully depicting a life well lived. One of my most cherished collections is my grouping of old family photos. I've collected my own family photos for some time now, and when I got married my mother in law introduced me to a gold mine of amazing old photographs.

Grandparents, great grandparents, great uncles and aunts, mixed in with old photographs of parents from their childhood. . I'm so glad that our parents kept these photos and were kind enough to lend them to us to we could scan them (some of them are very old). We've displayed them in the staircase hallway, that way we are able to see them everyday.
Some of my favorites would be Lee's great grandparents wedding photo, my dad's school picture (with the glasses), Lee's dad from his days in the army.
 Another Group of photos I displayed together was our wedding photos. I loved the idea of having our wedding photo beside our parents wedding photo's. It was neat to see the difference in photos. My parents was very informal, while Lee's parents was formal and our happened to be somewhere in between. And Yes that is my dad with the afro, it was the 70's.


  1. did you use that picture hanging thing from home- hardware? how did you get them perfectly spaced?

  2. My Husband is a master at hanging photo's He measures everything Two or three times. If it was just me I would go for a more electic random look. I can't measure.
    I've heard of the picture hanging thingy I heard it works really well!!

  3. How did he reach to hang everything on the stairwell? I can't figure that out! :)

  4. hahaha
    He's very tall, oh and he used our kitchen step stool. It was kind of dangerous now that I think of it! But the results were worth it!

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  6. Jysk! but I've also seen them at walmart!

  7. Oh I've been wanting to group our wedding photos with our parents' too! And also our siblings' wedding pics...we have one more sister to get married and then we'll have a wedding photo for everyone.

  8. Are they frames with the matting and backing removed and the photo stuck to the glass? I can't quite tell if I'm seeing that right. If so, how did you stick them, etc? Thanks! (Please email if possible.)


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