Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Even More Kitchen Organizing

For a small kitchen I sure can squeeze out a lot of posts out of it! After this I am all out of kitchen organization, but don't worry I have a few future plans in the works.
Now on with the show,
our dishes cupboard is extremely easy to keep organized, I say that because one of my close friends declared that there is no way our cupboard could look like that all the time, but, alas it does, you can ask her, she checks every time she comes over. The reason it's so easy to keep organized is simply because everything has a place.I'm not trying to fit in things that don't fit. I'm only stacking like items together, saving us from the inevitable avalanche that happens when too much is stacked too high. We have the right amount of glasses so that we aren't trying to squeeze them into the cupboard, they all fit nicely. We also have just enough room for 8 dinner plates, no more. Having a set amount of room also helps us from impulse purchases, I know we can only fit 8 plates, we have 8 plates so I know that no matter how cute the new plates are, they won't fit!
Also the Martha in me loves seeing everything all lined up, neat and tidy.

We bought this in drawer knife organizer last year and if I could find it again I would buy another one, for back up, just incase. I found this gem at Homesense and it was worth the money I paid for it twice over. It has saved our knives and probably some of our fingers too. It holds every knife up right and in place. They no longer bang around in the drawer, crashing into each other, dulling and chipping the blades as they go. Also it's much safer to get them out, no more cut fingers for us.

And last, our breakfast cupboard. This is a very small cabinet beside the dishwasher, it almost seems like an oversight by the builders. Because it is too small to hold plates or tupperware we weren't sure what to do with it, but I knew I didn't want to clutter up the counter tops with small appliances, so we removed a shelf and held our breath hoping the coffee maker would fit, and as you can see it did. Now in the morning we just open the cabinet pull out the coffee maker and toaster then breakfast is ready.Gotta love a one stop shop!


  1. Thanks so much! The water glasses at the bottom are just from ikea, but the wine glasses are my pride and joy, crystal from the Czech Republic, they make the best crystal, But I'm not biased at all :)

  2. Are the hobnail-type glasses in the bottom left from Ikea?


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