Monday, June 28, 2010

Bathtub Caddy

I have always wanted a bathtub caddy but could never seem to open up the old pocketbook to pay for it. I was never really convinced that it was worth the money. I mean how often do you really get the chance to sit in the bath for a good long while with a book, and a drink. I've seen them in store's many times but I always found the price tag to be a bit steep.

We always do something when we buy something new, we call it "doing the math". It means we take the price and divide into the estimated amount of times we'll use it and get our cost per use. I knew I would use it, but how much, besides it's not really a necessity. This was my train of thought, that was until I found this chrome one for $2 at a local second hand store. Making the cost per use very low, even if I use it a total of 8 times over it's lifetime that's only 25 cents per use. Then there was the issue of storing it. Easily solved the caddy fits right under the faucet tucking nicely away when we are having a bath, with out a book and a drink. It also fits all the way at the other end of the tub when we are having a shower. It passed the Maillardville Manor test: will we use it (more then once), is it the best price possible, and is there room to store it. Three out of Three makes for a new bathtub caddy for the Manor.

In case anyone was wondering, yes I did pick that book for the picture because it was pink like the flowers, and if anyone is interested the book is Yuppy Puppy by Binky von Barksdale / Robin Zingone.
It's a very cute book we got as a gift when we first adopted little Max if you'd like to see more of it, check out our Amazon Store under Pets.

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  1. I have the bath caddy as well and I also bought it at a second hand place!I add to it to match my My friends say I have waay too much free time but I just say I enjoy even the simplest things.(I stay home as well and have time to focus on the details)lol I love the weave in your towels are they Chortex?(my brand) Anywho love your space.


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