Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bathroom Organization

Our bathroom is very tiny, we've recently been making strides to a greener lifestyle (more on this in a later post), which has cut down on our bathroom products considerably.  However we still have a fair amount of stuff to contain in a very small area. The vanity is the only storage our bathroom has, so we buckled down, threw out a lot, and organized the rest. Here is what we did.
Under the sink we bought bins, lots of bins. The blue bin on the left houses our bulk stock, q-tips, cotton balls, toothpaste etc. The blue bin on the right holds my straightening iron, curling iron and blow dryer.
The clear bin in the middle of the two blue bins holds my contact supplies, extra contacts, extra solution, glasses case.
The clear bin on the top left is referred to by my husband as my "lady container", charming. The clear bin on the top right holds extra bar soap and razors, we go through razors so quickly (bald husband and all).
The one drawer in the bathroom holds more then it should, deodorant, tylenol, scrubby pads, hairbrush, stomach remedies, hair elastics, vitamin dispenser plus alot more. The bins in the drawer are from Ikea they are part of the Godmorgon line. Godmorgon has many different components, there are bins like we have or cosmetic organizers, I wish I could buy all of them.
Under our only drawer is our two tier lazy susan. It's worth it's weight in gold. The bottom tier holds my hair products on one half and cleaning supplies on the other. The top tier holds our vitamins (once a week I dish out Lee's vitamins into a weekly organizer).
We keep our shower organized with a corner shelving unit. It keeps the tub deck clear, just remember to get one with deep baskets so that your products stay put and don't slide out. We store our bubble bath on the bottom basket, so it's in easy reach when sitting in the tub. The shampoo and conditioner are kept on a higher shelf so I can reach it when showering, and on the top shelf, we keep the shower cleaner. The shower organizer is extremely useful, and worth every penny.

The towel rack above the toilet keeps our towels together and within easy reach of the shower, and the baskets on the other side of the vanity hold our "back-up" towels and face cloths.
We keep our toilet paper in a holder across from the toilet. I keep my daily products on a tray on the counter, and we keep our epson salts in a glass jar beside my tray.
While I could buy organizers for the bathroom all I want, the truth is that we had to get rid of a lot of unnecessary products to make everything fit. Honestly it wasn't that hard, once we made the decision to switch to greener, organic products it was easy to trow away the excess.
To read more about the bathroom follow the Link here.


  1. Hello! First of all I must say that I LOVE your blog!!! When I first came across it and saw these posts in which you go through each "area" in the rooms and explain how and what you organize, it sent my heart a-fluttering!!! Just had one quick this above post you are explaining the clear and blue bins that are under the cupboard. Did you have pictures of this!? Please excuse and ignore my comment if you personally do not want to share those pictures, but if you wouldn't mind, it would be AWESOME to see how you organized the bins under there!!! Keep up the WONDERFUL work!!! :)

  2. Hi heather!
    Thanks so much I'm so glad you like my blog!!
    I use to have a picture up of the bins under the sink then I had a photo server error and it got erased I was thinking of doing a post on how I organize under the sink but I wasn't sure if anyone would care to see it!!
    But now that I know at least one person would, I would love to show you under the sink!
    I'll do a post on it coming up on monday!!! I'm headed to the container store this weekend and in case I find anything interesting there I'll incorporate it!!!
    Check back on monday!!!!
    Thanks so much for following my blog!!!!!

  3. haha!!! Leave it to me and my OCD tendencies to be the only one requesting to see photos of how you organize under the sink!!!!! :) The container, that sounds like heaven!!! You do such a great job of showing such detail and step by step advice on your blog that is obtainable and easy to do for just about everyone!!!! It's awesome!!!

  4. I'm going crazy trying to find a similar lazy susan. Seems like everything out there is much shorter between the the tiers than the one you have used. Where did you find it?

  5. I found it at Target! I hope that helps, it was in their bathroom section!

  6. I really like your ideas, the towel rack is a really good idea. The problem that I have had is that with many kids, the towel disappears. I was able to solve the problem by using a safety pin and then changing the towel frequently.

    Thank for the great ideas!



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