Monday, June 21, 2010

$4.00 Dual-Flush Toilet

No that wasn't a typo, this is the story of our brand new, dual flush, four dollar toilet. It's really quite simple, our town gives a $100 rebate when you buy a low flush toilet (6L or under). So our local Home Depot was having a toilet sale, 20% off the regular price. So we bought a low flow, dual flush toilet and with the 20% discount it came to $104.66. We took our receipt, along with a picture of our old toilet with the tank broken, and a picture of our new toilet installed and sent it to city hall. One month later we had a $100 cheque arrive in the mail. Which brings our new toilet's grand total to $4.66. Not bad.

Old Toilet:                                                                           New Toilet:

 We were only able to take advantage of this offer and save that much money on a new toilet is because Lee is able to install the toilet himself saving us an estimated $100.00. Another cost savings was that our neighbors let us use their dumpster they had rented for reno's, so we didn't have to pay a fee at the dump. Also It was a matter of knowing what incentives your municipality offers as far as rebates for renovations, and waiting for a sale to make the most of your savings. We couldn't be happier with our new toilet, I love the dual flush option and as a bonus I don't feel so bad now when I take a bit longer shower, the water we are saving on the toilet buys me an extra minute or two.

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