• Risk of bleeding lower on rivaroxaban than warfarin, and no monitoring required. Predictable effect means no routine tests. Much easier than mucking around with INRs. Dabigatran similarly useful (and reversible if needed). I use a fair amount of dabigatran but we don’t have rivaroxaban in NZ; from a personal perspective Dad was on it a while back…[Read more]

  • Do you have an issue?

    if not they are, IIRC, a waste of time.

  • amber replied to the topic House insulation improvements in the forum DIY 1 week, 5 days ago

    These things all depend on what you have already.

    Underfloor insulation is good ie. carpets and underlay but I wouldn’t go tearing up and replacing anything that isn’t due replacement. I have been surprised how much better my modern double glazing is relative to the older (15 ish years old) units. On a cold night I get serious condensation on the…[Read more]