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    Hi it seems since may 14th that I have been added to a spammers link list to make his spam look more legit. My site is now gaining hundreds of new links according to from tons of cruddy spam sites with spun content each and everyday all pointing to my homepage with the most obvious spammy keywords possible.
    At first I thought my site was hacked so I checked the source code of my site and nothing odd was there. I then checked the google cache version and nothing odd there either. Just to be extra sure I scanned my wordpress site using various popular scanners which all came back clean.
    An explanation for these spammy links is that my site may have been added to a spammers dumb list of “authority” sites to link to in order to make his crap look better in the eyes of google. The weird thing is that when looking at the spam created and checking the spam websites my site doesn’t actually appear on the spam site, in fact no links are actually found on the spam site… the only place that the spam links appears is in the ahrefs dashboard so either the spammer is just showing the spam to ahrefs bot or it is being quickly removed when it is put up.
    I added one of the spam domains into ahrefs to see what other sites it is apparently linking to and it turns out that the spammer is doing the exact same thing to a number of legit sites by pointing spam to a non spam site for no real reason.
    Another theory that I have came up with is that the spammer is doing negative seo and will probably email me soon to ask for money to make the spam campaign on my site stop. If this isn’t the case and the spammer is just spamming for the sake of it then I honestly don’t know how these spammers can even afford all of these domains that they are using to pointlessly spam the internet. It must cost them thousands to register all of the .nu .su domains.. and I very much doubt that the rubbish that is on these sites will ever rank high in the search engines meaning that they are just wasting their time and money..but thanks to all of these crap links neither will maillardvillemanor ever again eithier.

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