Forums DIY Maybe I should just scribble all over my walls….
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    Today I noticed just how bland most of the rooms in my house are.

    A scribble there and a scribble here maybe?

    I am feeling creative at the moment but I know that if I go around scribbling and drawing pictures on all my walls I am just never going be able to sell my house no matter how creative or even good my drawings on my walls are. Why is that?

    Do any of you people know if there anyway you can try to express your creativity and get away with it. I dont really count making things pretty creativity.

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    They are your walls! 😀

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    I currently have my house up on the market and have to keep everything spotless all the time which is so so hard to do…. so I know the feeling of just wanting to make a big mess… no not a turd!

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