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    Hey I run a fashion blog though I am not getting that many views from people and I was wondering what I need to actually do to get more people to my site… I dont have a lot of spare time only enough to blog so doing social networking isn’t really an option for me… what do other bloggers do? I dont want to be taking up too much of my time trying to get blog followers as this will make my actual blog suffer wont it? Anyone got any advise? thank you :)

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    What your blog called? You can share your blog here that’s one way of getting some visitors, but I know what you are saying and I agree getting followers is the hardest part of blogging, Blogging about something you are passionate about is not hard work at all but trying to superficially drive traffic to a blog can be so tricky and is more marketing than anything else. There are some ways you can get traffic without having to go out and actively find it like optimizing your site so its more visible on search engines (seo) however there is a lot of competition on search engines and you will be competing against all the big sites as search engines mainly rank sites based upon how many links they have not how amazing the site is.

    Maybe it is best to just do 1 hour or so of seo and building relationships with other bloggers off your site each day (which can be done on forums and social networks) which will soon add up and hopefully before you know it you will have some followers… though it is a pain.

    Hope this helps. :)

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    Thanks for the tips I too starting my very own health blog but finding it really really difficult to get any people interesting in what I have to say at all… its like if you not a mega big website to begin with people discount everything you say.

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    One tip is not to be boring… 😀 easier said than done with me.

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