I just finished “Killer Stuff and Tons of Money: Seeking History and Hidden Gems in Flea Market America” by Maureen Stanton.
It really was a GREAT read. It gave me a whole new outlook on Antiques and the world of Flea Markets.Killer stuff

Maureen follows around antique expert Curt Avery, show to show, market to market. It sounds a little cliche but I really felt like I was there. I couldn’t wait to get a few free minutes and find out what show or antique market we were going to next.

I saw a little bit of myself in the book . . . unfortunately it was in the Housewife that shows up at noon, looking for “THE LOOK”. It doesn’t have to be a ‘real’ antique but I want it to look like one :S Something I’m going to be more conscious of now!
I also had NO idea how much Martha Stewart Living influenced the antique market, if something shows up in her magazine, the price automatically jumps up.

From Nicholas Cage’s collection of shrunken heads . . . to Oprah’s $200,000+ dresser, I was enthralled with the collections, but probably more so the money that people spend on them.

And last would be my new understanding of how much knowledge it takes to be in the antique business. The small little details can mean the difference between $10 and $100,000 or a million dollars.
The book was a bit sad, very exciting, well written, and for me . . . a bit guilt inducing, because I’m the one buying those “reproductions” that are killing the industry. But It definitely¬†gave me “the shopping bug” I can’t wait to get out and start looking for some redware or sandwich glass.

I would give this book a MUST READ status! I LOVED every word of it!!
And who knows your million dollar find could be right around the corner.

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