I have been changing around the design like nobody’s business these last couple day but finally… I have done it and I am proud and happy with my blog design. I went for a simple design as I tried before to be over complicated but the design just looked messy. Added a new mascot/logo birdie using a tablet pen (If you haven’t used a tablet before you should! It really makes Photoshop a whole lot more fun and totally beats the mouse.. I dont actually think I can even draw a straight line using a mouse).

Anyway hope you guys like this one!

Oh yeah I will just add to this post that some people really need to get a life. I have been getting a lot of abuse in my comments from pathetic individuals who have nothing better to do then troll my blog.  Some people commenting on this blog are disgusting! One troll called me out as either being a dumb youngster or having a mental illness then going on to threaten me which kind of goes to show how pathetic these trolls are.

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  1. jess

    Love the new logo. Plus who cares what a bunch of strangers say in your comments section just press the trash button where they belong :)

  2. David

    Just got your message, yes it is good and different id say! 😀

    Lol bullied by trolls online on your own blog now that is kind of funny.

  3. Shannon

    This troll says “Seems like it takes a troll to know one.” yeah that does not make any sense…..

  4. Ena

    blahblahblah another pathetic troll here……”YOU should get your own life” says this one.

  5. Tara

    Which tablet do you use for drawing?
    I love the little owl – chic county’ish. Well done.

    • Profile photo of Ashley

      thank you :) I use a wacom bamboo tablet it is a bit old now but still very good. It has a paper like texture surface on the drawing area which makes it feel like your just drawing on a piece of paper. Though it is a little awkward to get used to at first as you have to draw and look at the computer screen to see exactly what your drawing. What I want but is a little too expensive is one of those big professional tablets that projects the computer image actually on the tablet (costs $1200 :/ ).

  6. Leslie F

    I am so happy to see you’re blogging again, and I like the new design as well. Please don’t be bothered by these people who lack reason (and a life). I, as well as others, cannot wait to see what you have been up to these past few months. I hope you will be posting pictures soon!

  7. tina b

    I’m so glad you’re back posting. I clicked on your old blog (not knowing it went away) and was redirected here. Yay!


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