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In my household we are living on a budget, meaning we have to live on budget foods like supermarket branded crisps… which aren’t very tasty or healthy at all. To be honest they taste like cardboard. The crisps also look pretty gross too either being transparent in color because they have been fried so much, or in a packet you often find all sorts of really weird mutant crisps in different colored crisps like the charred black ones, the fungus whites, the moldy green ones or not forgetting the bogey yellow colored ones usually found at the bottom.

So I have decided to scrap the cheap crisps and make my own. So a couple days ago I got cooking and ended up making some rather yummy crisps. So I thought I would just quickly share with you guys what I did, its not really rocket science! Honestly making your own crisps is easier, cheaper and you can make them much healthier than the moldy ones you buy at the shops.


Seasoning of your choice (you can really experiment here)

A couple potatoes.. SWEET POTATOES ARE THE BEST! (1 potato gets gets you plenty of crisps)

1tablespoon of vegetable oil

How to

Slice your potato(s) into paper thin slices, use your own judgement as to how chunky you want your crisps! If you use a peeler to slice your potatoes I find are to flimsy and I find it is best to use a knife to cut them.

Then place your potatoes slices into a sandwich bag and then pour in your vegetable oil you then have to shake it which should coat the potato slices!

Once coated you should make to shake off any excess oil on the slices and lightly coat a oven pan with vegetable oil (this is to stop the crisps from sticking to the pan).

Next put your coated potato slices onto the pan making sure that there are spaces in between each potato slice and season. When seasoning it is always good to sprinkle the seasoning on from height helping you to better cover all the slices more evenly.

Place the pan into a preheated oven at around 250 degrees you should bake them for 2 hours flipping them over half way through. This is the best way to get the crispiest chips possible and stop them from getting soggy.

Resting the crisps for around 10 minutes after baking is a good idea.



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  1. Tina

    Well this sounds great must try for sure. Hope they are a yummy taste.

  2. Reenie

    WOW!! I’ve been checking daily…. looks like I have a lot of catching up to do!! đŸ˜®

  3. Kathy

    Glad you have a blog up and running again…………you are totally free to create your blog anyway you want regardless of what we say, after all it’s your blog. In saying that if you want some feedback I loved your old style blog in terms of “photos and it was warm and homey”. Just be yourself and not what other professional bloggers are doing because whilst that’s a trend people have come to your blog for your honest, down to earth simple and inspiring organization and crafty projects, meal planning, decorating and the like. Don’t over think it, and be yourself. Whilst this format is better than the one I saw a few days ago I did love the photos and ease of your other website. I will be visiting no matter how your website is designed but don’t go away from who you are because you had many followers because of it and I’m thrilled that you guys are parents and have such an adorable baby boy. Parenthood is an incredible gift (totally hard work) but it’s an amazing place to be when your little one gives you a smile, a cuddle and snuggles into you. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


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