Im never ever happy when it comes to webdesign! I am always constantly (overly) tweaking bits here, there and everywhere… spending hours sometimes on the smallest details (you wouldn’t really think that by looking at it) and at the end of all of this im never 100% happy. Website design is so technical as well editing style sheets, sorting out fonts and  arranging color schemes… I prefer house DIY over website DIY… for me its a lot easier to get right.. plus with real life DIY you can get your hands dirty and get creative because webdesign is so technical and because you cant exactly reach into the screen and change what you want straight away it is rather frustrating…..

I am looking at my design for my blog right now.. and I know there is something not quite right about it… Im thinking of starting again.. and changing it totally.. any suggestions?

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  1. Michelle

    Hi! I used to read your blog all the time and I liked the layout. I have to say, these last 10 or so posts are full of spelling errors!! Please edit! I liked the old layout, with an entire post on one page, it’s annoying to have to click on each post title to have to read it.

    • Profile photo of Ashley

      Hehe thanks for keeping tabs on my grammar :) Everything has been really hectic recently and I whipped those posts really quickly too quickly… not a good plan really come to think of it. Anyway took on board what you said about the layout and have changed it, let me know what you think.

  2. Dawn

    It isn’t to difficult to blog but you manage to blog in a way that is so cool and true! So what cool diy secrets are you going to let us in on?

  3. Im a loser.

    A great your still here.. thought you were gone for good nice to see you return to the blog sphere where you belong 😀

  4. Stephanie Diego

    I used to check in on your blog everyday. Once you became a mother and the daily posts stopped, (it was completely understandable) I checked in weekly to see your posts. Once I realized new posts were not posting often I checked in when I thought of it.
    Yesterday was the first time I’d checked in for quite sometime, so I’ve missed your various rework of the web design. I can say that yesterday’s style was AWFUL. I don’t know what caused me to look at the page again today, the style today is better than the day before. I REALLY miss the old “original style” was pretty and user friendly. I would love to see that style come back. I always liked your posts but am not sure if I will be able to follow the current blog style.

    • Profile photo of Ashley

      Thanks for your critique its really appreciated :) Because I have moved from blogger to wordpress the old style has been lost. I will try my best to get it back to looking how it used too as best I can.

      • Tina

        So missed the Maillardville Manor. (mini manor blog). Cannot wait for your new DIY tips soon!

  5. Kim

    Seriously well done on the new blog! I know WordPress aint easy to design especially if your uninspired.

  6. Shelby

    Yikes…does this mean all of your old posts are gone? :(. I agree with Michelle…the spelling/grammar errors make it really hard to read & understand what you are trying to say!!! I know nothing about blogging, so I don’t understand what all goes into it, but this current format & design is kinda awful!! I loved all of the photos and color in your previous design. This one is sooooo plain and doesn’t “fit” you well like the last one did. Sorry to be so harsh…I really miss your old blog!!

  7. Shawna

    I think it’s so great that you’re original Maillardville Manor is back on the blog scene. Your site so much cooler than ever! GOOD LUCK!


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