I have been searching around.. just about forever on the web lately to find some good orthotic insoles for my plantar fasciitis. To be honest my version of plantar fasciitis probably isn’t plantar fasciitis and just a mild case of sore feet but that doesn’t matter.. hehe. I have been asking on various forums and what not about what I should buy with some people telling me to get one thing and giving me advise and other on another forum people telling the complete opposite. Plus Iv searched so many site now I am sick and tired of seeing insoles…. Finally made up my mind.. im gonna buy some from here.


So of you might go.. no dont buy them.. buy some £200 custom made insoles instead… well I am not made of money and after reading and reading iv came to the conclusion that custom insoles wont do my feet much good… because im not suffering from fallen arches or anything like that so I dont need them… plus all of this is giving me a sore head so id end up needing some insoles for my head as well soon if im not careful ;).. So that it decided getting some off shelf ones and that’s final!


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  1. Lucy

    I have had this before – it kills! The best thing I found for it is to find a small coke (alternative fizzy drinks bottle in plastic) empty/drink contents. Fill with water and then put in freezer, once frozen use this as many times in the day as possible, and roll your foot along it which will help alleviate the inflammation. Other good thing is invest in Tullie ( I think) heel guards available from Amazon. They lift the heel up so help with the pain. That and time should sort it. Mine lasted 6 months!

  2. Sabrina

    CROCS…i know they are ugly but put them on first thing before hitting the ground after waking up- this will help!


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