Letter cushions/pillows what ever you want to call them can really put some attitude into your room! If you get it right you can brighten and put some of your creativity into your room. You can put these on your sofa, bed, shelves or dump them where ever you want as they really do go anywhere! BUT BE WARNED that you dont over do it with too many cushions otherwise it might look tacky.

You can buy some really super letter pillows or you can choose to make your own quite simply by stitching on your own letter or word. I like making my own… once you get the hang of it you can really make some great designs. Just buy a blank pillow and just stitch your design onto them… The trick is to know what your going to do and do it! It is best to get a stencil on first so you know what your doing. (you may find that you will need buy a couple of practice pillows as your first attempt may not be perfect. I will be making a how to post later on to tell you guys exactly how you can get started! but first I thought I would post here some great designs to give you some inspiration and get you thinking.


*Remember they are your pillows so you can put what you like on them (even rude words if you so wish.. but you might want to quickly hide them when you have visitors).

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  1. Jessica

    It might be just my computer, but I do have to say that I preferred the previous layout of your blog. Also, I hope everything is going great with your son!


    I think that there is nothing worse than letter cushions! So babyish and immature. Really not a good look if you want your house to look sophiscated and classy!


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