I went on a shopping trip recently (well if I am going to be honest with my blog readers, it was more window shopping I dont have the cash at the moment to go shopping). I wore my best high heels too… for 6 hours and by the end of it all my feet were red raw and inflamed especially under the arches of my feet. It wasn’t good at all and the soreness and inflammation didn’t seem to be wanting to go away either. Even after a couple days… then 3 weeks past and it was still there, and it was at this point I thought id go see whats up and see my doctor. Turned I was wrong about that shopping trip where I didn’t actually get anything.. I did get something… plantar fasciitis. Which is when you push your feet too much and cause tension and pressure on the arches to damage and inflame the plantar fascia which forms the arch of your foot. To make things worse the doc said I shouldn’t wear high heels from now on… (Darn it how am I going to look tall now). Also he said what I should have done was when I the soreness and inflammation started I should have rested my feet straight away and not put anymore pressure on my arches while they recover as I made things worse by ignoring it all.  I dont have plantar fasciitis as bad as some people do but it is definitely a shock and warning of how bad high heels are for your feet. So at the moment I have my feet up and resting for a couple days so not much DIY going on in my house at the moment. With my many hours of spare time I have been looking online for some footcare products to stop this from ever happening again, just about to buy some special arch support insoles too which are said to help… anyone tried them before? Anyone ever had plantar fasciitis before or am I the only one?




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  1. jess

    I got plantar fasciits not long ago actually…. still wear high heels though just cannot give them up.. not even with all the pain in the world! Though what I do find that helps is to do foot exercises.. you got to basically step on a step pushing up your body with the ball of your foot only and slowly go back down again.

  2. Allie

    I had plantar fasciitis while training for a race. One of the best things I did was rolling out my calves. If you have too much tension in your soleus (from running or shorting it by wearing shoes with a raised heel) it can pull on the plantar fascia. Just take a rolling pin, and massage the back of your calf – if that is the reason why you have it, you’ll know. It won’t be comfortable but it kept me running!

    Hope that helps!


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