Found something whilst shopping around recently on the internet. What I found are sly, clever and may really help me out. Height increasing insoles! I hardly ever wear high heels because they tend to really hurt my feet I have actually ended up with plantar fasciitis too last time I a pair.. so that means that I am always having to wear flat shoes from now on and considering I am not the tallest person in the world kind of sucks big time.

These soles aren’t that much money to buy online, Iv not had any discomfort from wearing them as elevation of the heel does usually cause tension and pressure on the feet but the insoles elevate your heel better than high heels do and minimize this pressure and tension and you put them in shoes and buy putting layer on the heel you make yourself tall! You maybe thinking there is more to them than that right? but there isn’t that’s it.. that simple.

Some of my friends are a little confused though they are sure I was smaller than them before. hehe.

(If you are going to get some I suggest the half insole gel ones as the full insole ones can be to big for lady shoes and they are more lightweight and less bulky)

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  1. J

    Wow I didn’t know about these.. I just have to get some for myself. I hope that they are comfortable though because I just had to stop wearing high heels because they would really really hurt my feet and now have to wear flat shoes which are okay but not ideal when your only 5ft 4! :)


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