I thought seeing as I have just all about recovered from my plantar fasciitis now that I might help out those of you have it too by telling you what I now know about this painful foot thing and how you can prevent getting it! How I got it, which I explained in my other post but if you forgot I basically got it when I went out shopping putting my feet though their paces and I overstretched them and inflamed them causing plantar fasciitis.. its got to be said though that athlete usually are the ones that get this condition the most (I guess you could say then that shopping is a a sport), but whether your running around doing sport or running around the shopping mall keeping your feet protected should be your main priority if you want to stay on your feet! As soon as you start feeling cramp or pain in your arches dont carry on.. give your feet a rest. I wish I did. I recommend buying some arch support insoles, they have done my feet wonders since I got them. Some site sell custom insoles for really expensive prices but those were not the ones I got I got some that fits all sizes and made out of gel.. gel because the gel adapts to your foot shape and in that way are just as good as custom insoles anyway so save your money. Oh yea before I forget I have also seen but not tried some insoles for high heels too they maybe a good bet if you dont want to give up wearing your high heel shoes. Whilst I am talking about high heels try your best to not wear them all the time especially if you going to be walking around or standing in them for ages because people dont say they are bad for your feet for nothing. You can cause damage to the ball of your foot and the arch as the heel gets elevated and puts pressure on the arch and ball of foot.

Iv just noticed that I have been talking about how to prevent plantar fasciitis and foot pain and not actually explained why plantar fasciitis comes about. Well from what I understand from reading and reading some more on PF I have learned that pf is mainly caused due to tight arches that become inflamed because of overuse. Tight arches could be a result of over pronation, supination, flat feet.. a tight Achilles heel being over weight which puts more weight and pressure on the arches, or wearing shoes that cause tightening like high heels (dont get me wrong I dont think high heels are evil or anything just wish they made them better for your feet).

So there you have it.. how you can prevent it and how you end up with plantar fasciitis… maybe I should have wrote that the other way around.

It not nice getting it.. takes a week or two to heal up… but wearing some insoles can really make a difference and make sure even when you dont have it put your soles in your shoes and support your feet afterall they are the ones doing all the leg work haha that was a bad pun.


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