A new house always comes with new experiences and a chance for me to get doing some proper creative DIY! So that is why Iv got my house up for sale currently. You maybe thinking “again!?” and that I am some sort of property developer but..

I dont think of myself as a property developer out to make money (but dont get me wrong it does help pay the bills). I like to think of myself as a nomadic artist finding new spaces and walls to paint and express my creativity.

I seem to be always on the move (though it does take a long while to buy a house, do it up and then sell it, yet with all things it doesn’t really seem that long when your having fun…However it can seem like a eternity if you get stuck in a house you dont like and cannot sell) as I get bored rather quickly and you have to agree a fresh DIY project is so exciting and I just cannot resist seeing what I can create with a blank canvas as there is really only so much can do with one house after refining the smallest details. Hopefully, I one day I settle down somewhere and make a house a home but at the moment I am having way to much fun!

The good thing about all of this is that the run down aged building that need all the work in the world are always the cheapest…hmmm I wonder why 😉


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