Im back! You may have noticed that MaillardvilleManor hasn’t been up and running in a long time and you can thank my old hosts for that! I have since moved from my last appalling hosts and now im on GOOODADDY… I always avoided godaddy because the hosting all way seemed really expensive especially when all I want to host is a blog and not the next twitter… BUT, (I never knew this till now) godaddy does special wordpress hosting for only £0.69 a month.. Im starting to sound like a godaddy salesperson right now.. but hosting is important and I am really glad that I managed to get this deal because godaddy is fast, almost zero downtime unlike my last host and SECURE.

If you arew blogger like me then going with a small cheap host chances are your blog is going to be down most of the time and because the servers are insecure your blog will be hacked and before you know your blog will become a fake ugg boot shop!! Trust me I once had another website and this happened! You blog is valuable going with unknown but cheap hosting providers can mean your entrusting someone who could be anyone (even some one who is just hosting your site on their laptop in their bedroom) and it maybe more worth their while to use and abuse your blog either by inserting spam and hidden pages (for seo purposes) than provide you with good honest hosting.

I have since lost all my previous blog content.. since moving hosts.. but all is not lost I can still retrieve the good old stuff from the waybackmachine!

Because my blog has been down for quite sometime it all seems people have removed me from their blogrolls and inspirations list some of the blogs I read quite a bit and link to me have removed me because some one (I dont know if they were just doing this to spite me or what) have been commenting on these blogs saying that the blogger should remove any links they have to maillardvillemanor immediately because its now dead.. which is kinda of sad :'(
never mind.. I guess I will jsut have to win back those bloggers to link to me again by being more inspiring than I ever! 😀

Sorry if this blog post is a little bit all over the place I still need to get into the groove of blogging again!


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  1. Mina

    YAYYY!!! SO glad you’re back! I always visit your old blogsite to see if you’ve got new post….so happy you’re back to blogging again :)

  2. Ludivine

    good TO SEE YOU. Can’t wait for the new inspiration. I knew you would be back, just takes time with a new hous and baby! Good luck!

  3. Kim

    I stop by now and then, and today I found a whole new site…so happy to see you are back!

  4. Jayme

    Yay you are finally blogging again I missed ya. what your next diy project gonna be?

  5. lorraine

    Welcome back! Glad you posting again cause you were missed :)
    Quick question…could you tell me how many yards you needed to make the curtains in Hudson’s room?

  6. barbara

    I am thrilled you are back blogging!!!!!! Hope to read some more your diy tips soon :)

  7. Bonnie C

    Woof. Sorry to hear about the technical woes! I just assumed you’d gotten hit by the semi-truck of parenthood and that you’d pop back up when you’d caught your breath. 😉 Glad to have you back!

  8. Sapna Rajeev

    I love your site. Im sure you will come up even more strong. Goodluck!

  9. Jen

    So glad you’re back! I’m a faithful reader who had your posts delivered to my email and happened to check your website on a whim & happened upon all this new content! A lucky find I must say but I’d like to suggest you notify your Instagram followers that your blogging again, I follow you there as well and would’ve loved to see that update! Also, I have a request, I’d love if you could post an updated cleaning routine now that you have a kiddo at home! Thanks & glad you’re back

  10. Tristen

    yay!! I, too, had your posts delivered to my email and happened to check today on a whim. Welcome back! I can’t wait to read more….

  11. Leslie

    I, for one, am soooo happy you are back! I kept checking the site periodically because I knew you wouldn’t leave us hanging. I hope you are back with a vengeance, and will be posting often!


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