The number 1 rule around here seems to be “Don’t Wake the Baby!” haha.

It seems like as soon as I mix a bottle, grab the baby, grab the pillow and sit down on the couch . . . I will immediately need something, a pacifier, a burp cloth, the nail clippers (because the only time I can clip his nails is when he’s asleep on me). I was tired of having to wake up a sleeping baby to grab any of these things. So I set up a “Baby Kit”.

A Baby Kit just contains all the little bits and pieces that come with having a baby in the house.

  • First, since I always change Hudson upstairs but there has been an “incident” or two that required an emergency diaper so I keep an extra diaper or two in the kit.
  • WIPES, very very important to have easily within reach.
  • Bibs!! He’s a bit of a drool machine right now, so having a few bibs in reach is a must have. These bibs are from Ikea, and they are super cute and cozy.
  • Nail Clippers.
  • Sock, extra baby socks are always good to have on hand, because apparently baby feet repel baby socks.
  • Dimpleskin Naturals Boo Boo Goo. Good for any little scratch or rash.
  • Natural teething remedy, some Camilla Drops! I am not convinced they work but they definitely distract him from his gums for a minute or two.
  • A Thermometer. Ours is the Kidz Med scanner. It good because I am a little paranoid about him over heating so this thermometer let’s me check him with out waking him up! :)
  • A dangly elephant that rattles.
  • A wood rattle.
  • And a pacimal! A pacifier attached to a stuffed animal. These are perfect for little babies that can’t keep the pacifier in their mouth.

And of course . . . Aden and Anias Burp Cloths!!!

I keep the kit, in a 3 Sprouts bag, complete with a little mouse! I like these bags because they have pockets on the outside and they are lined on the inside so they are waterproof!

I hope you like the “Baby Kit” as much as I do. It has really helped control the baby clutter in our living room.

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