This whole living room situation (as Lee likes to call it) takes some explaining, stick with me it will make sense in a second.
Back in May we had finished our Homestudy and had our minds on baby (although there was no baby yet). We knew that the original way we had our living room set up wasn’t going to work . . . there was NO open floor space and no where to put a swing or an exersaucer, or even a little blanket on the floor. We also wanted to move our sectional sofa into the basement where it could be used for movie watching.
We bought our existing sofa from Homesense for $240 . . . it’s really more of a loveseat but it would work and it would give us way more room for baby items. Thank goodness we did the living room change up because not even a month later we had Hudson home, along with all the baby gear!The rocking chair was in the corner by the TV but that thing is more uncomfortable than sitting on your bony grandmother’s knee. I thought something wicker would be nice since it’s kind of rustic . . . I found these two chairs at Ikea in their as-is section for half price almost $50 each. The white seat cushions were extra but well worth it.
These Ikea Byholma chairs are actually very comfortable! With the thick seat cushions they are a bit high but we are both tall and don’t seem to notice, it was actually a vertically challenged friend (aka. a short friend) of mine that pointed out that they were high as her feet dangled above the floor.

We also replaced the large coffee table with a small farmhouse bench we’ve had forever. The coffee table switch up definitely gave us more room for a wiggly baby. I don’t think the bench will stay in the living room forever . . . eventually I would like to see a round tufted leather ottoman in the middle of our living space. But for now the bench works just fine and gives Hudson tons of room to do his tummy time and general baby floor wiggling.

Since it was fall we also layered in our red ikea rug! For a little fall interest.

And Lastly, it’s a bit hard to see but we found a sofa table off Craigslist. It’s originally an ikea Stockholm table I believe, but I don’t think they still sell it. It wasn’t exactly what I had pictured behind the sofa, but the price was right, the scale was right and with a little paint and maybe some wheels it will be perfect!


So there’s our living room as it looks today . . . okay, maybe not exactly how it looks today. Add in a nursing pillow, a baby activity mat, an exersaucer and some random wood toys around and you’ll have EXACTLY what it looks like. 😉

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