With big joyful tears in our eyes and a sweet baby boy in our arms, we wanted to let all of you know we have adopted a bouncing baby boy. In 5 months we will make it official in our province’s supreme court but for now we are so excited to have him home!!!

We are so blessed . . . we didn’t have to wait very long. In fact 2 weeks after our profile was added to our agency we received the call that we had been chosen . . . 9 Days later we were holding our son.

We are sure that there are many questions you might have . . . we will write something a little more in depth soon . . . but for now we are snuggled in with our little guy.

Thank you to everyone who offered us LOVE, support and prayers. We have felt every well wish you have sent us. Thank you so much!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our son Hudson!!!!!
“We have waited so long for this special day, to hug you, to kiss you to hold you and say. You’re wanted and loved more than you know, a lifetime of memories as we watch you grow. You’re someone to cherish, someone to love, a wonderful blessing from heaven above.”

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