Because we could get “the call” anytime . . . we wanted to make sure that we were prepared with the basics for a baby. I realize that a mirror and a wagon aren’t really baby basics but we wanted the room to be generally ready! 😉
I found this mirror at Homesense about 6 months ago. I had no idea what I wanted to do with it . . . but it was on clearance and I knew that I loved it. I am so glad that I did pick it up because it inspired the perfect color palette for our nursery.

We hung it over our little dresser . . . that is now doubling as a change table with the addition of an organic change pad (that just barely fit on the dresser top).

A friend who just potty trained her last baby, sent a diaper genie type contraption our way so we poped that beside the change table (makes sense).
Other additions would be our very first baby gift from some amazing people in our lives, I am in love with this 3 sprouts laundry bag!!! The bassinet is also from the same friends, we figured we would need a bassinet if we get a quick match . . . but we wouldn’t need a crib for a few weeks after that.

Mirror 3

Lastly, I was at an antique store in Lyden, Washington a few weeks ago, and I spotted this Radio Flyer wagon. I couldn’t resist . . . all kids need a little red wagon of their own.

I hope you enjoyed the little touches to our nursery.

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