After the craziness of my sister’s wedding. Lee thought he’d take sometime off of work and I thought I would join him and we took an impromptu vacation . . . you know the kind of thing you can do before you have kids! It was super relaxing, we didn’t go far . . . in fact we didn’t even get a chance to leave at all. But we were able to tackle some projects around the house (nothing big, just some necessary things) . . . Max got some extra attention, and we both have a tan! ;)Our Hydrangeas are finally in bloom outside and after 3 years our front yard is starting to look like we always planned.

A pretty Hedge of hydrangeas, being held back by a hedge of boxwood.

The boxwood hedge is about a year . . . maybe two years away from being fully formed but this is almost exactly what I’ve had pictured these past 3 years.

I love it when a plan comes together!!

Thanks for sticking around during our little hiatus. I’ll be back tomorrow with a nursery update . . . we hung a mirror it’s super cute. We picked up new chairs for the living room, and I finally decided on a sofa table . . . FINALLY!

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