I ran a bit wild with the elephant theme in Hudson’s nursery. What started as a onesie quickly spiralled into crib sheets which snowballed into a theme.

Hudson is at the stage where anything high contrast is super interesting to him, so I thought I would try to find something high contrast for him too look at in his bedroom. I wasn’t sure if I would choose a piece of art or maybe a mobile but I ended up finding this fabric on www.fabric.com for an amazing $7.98 a yard and just like that the curtains became my high contrast piece.

Hudson LOVES his new curtains!!! We picked up a set of black out blinds from Target to block the light . . . a must have in a nursery and we just hung them behind the elephant curtains. Black out blinds are a bit pricey so we bought short ones and hung the less expensive elephant curtains in front.

I can’t wait to share the rest of the nursery with you guys. I am trying to put the finishing touches on it this week. It feels a bit weird to be tackling Hudson’s nursery this far after he was born but we only had 9 days to prepare for what most couples have 9 months to do. :) haha.

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