Thank you so much for your patience over the last few weeks while I’ve been away ( a bit of a maternity leave, if you will). We have been figuring out our new lives as parents. It’s been amazing and crazy all at the same time.
Now that Hudson is 6 weeks old he is starting to fall into a pattern. We are so lucky he never had his days and nights mixed up and he’s always been a solid eater and sleeper, but we are finally getting those 6 hour stretches we’ve been promised for the last 5 weeks! 😉 What everyone failed to mention is that it’s only one 6 hour stretch . . . the rest are 2 hour stretches. But I am so grateful for any amount of sleep over 30 minutes.

We’ve moved into a cluster feeding schedule . . . about 4pm until 630 or 7pm I am on the couch feeding the baby! If only I could blog and feed Hudson at the same time. . . I would have endless posts for you!

But our update is that we are all doing well. We are sleeping, some days more than others. But we are over the moon in love with our little man!

On Saturday our very sweet and so creative friends threw us a beautiful shower!! Here are some of the pictures and really special touches they added. It was one of the most heartwarming days of my life. To share Hudson with our friends and family was amazing and only brought me to tears twice that day.

This banner welcomed us to the party (p.s. I am going to have to house crash these friends and share their home with you . . . beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it!).
We received some incredibly thoughtful and touching gifts. Hudson’s library is now stocked full of beautiful and classic books, like Love you forever (a favorite of mine).
The diaper cake was fabulous and made up of organic, natural diapers . . . and what does every mother need in her diaper cake???? A bottle of Red Wine!!! haha I guess that’s a perk reserved for adopting, non-breastfeeding mothers.

Ok, this is one of my favorite party banners of all time. I LOVE the Pattern!! (I will have to share their fabulous fireplace made from old barn board one day!)
We were so spoiled by family and friends. Hudson is one very loved and now . . . very spoiled little guy.
We received a very special card from one of our honorary nieces . . . welcoming Hudson. And a very pretty picture of me and Hudson.
It was a beautiful day and one that I will remember for the rest of my life. Friends came in from all over, my mom came in to town for the weekend and even friends who couldn’t make it sent gifts and Love!
We are so blessed.

We are almost finished Hudson’s (***spoiler alert***) Elephant themed Nursery 😉 I will have some photos ready for tomorrow!! :)

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