One of the questions I get frequently is about our garage. Generally the garage is considered Lee’s domain . . . but I do have my own little corner. It’s our garden corner. I keep everything to do with gardening there (except the lawn mower).
Space for my little garden station is tight because we have a two car garage and park two cars in our garage . . . but we figured out a way to fit enough room for some shelves and one very smart table top.

Garage 2

We couldn’t fit a table in the garage for potting, but this drop leaf table top from Ikea is perfect!!! It’s their Norbo Table and it’s just under $40.

Garage 4

When we aren’t using it . . . it folds up and sits just over 3″ off the wall.

Garage 1

To organize the shelves (also from Ikea), I found these blue plastic containers from Dollar Tree. I store our blood meal, and our bone meal (both we used up when we planted our cedars and hostas last week). As well as our hanging basket, slow release fertilizer.

Garage 10

We store all the bird seed in this tin container with a little scoop. I found it back in August of 2010 (here’s the link to the post I wrote about it).

Garage 5

I also keep our sunflower seeds (for larger birds) and some extra fertilizer on the middle shelf as well.

Garage 11

I installed a couple of hooks under the bottom shelf and hung up a little garden bag (I found it at the Salvation Army Thrift Store). I keep all of our small garden tools in the bag, it nice because I just grab the bag when I need to weed the garden, or prune a tree, I have everything right there.

Garage 7

I also keep a little spool of twine so I can do a quick tie up of a vine, it actually comes in handy more often then I thought it would.

Garage 6

Beside the shelves we store our rakes, and shovels. We found this organizer from Amazon . . . it’s awesome! Super easy to use and keeps them up and off the garage floor.

Garage 8

I’ve shared this part before but I thought I would share it again . . . we store our potting soil in a big garbage can from Ikea, and in the smaller can we store Corn Gluten (a natural lawn fertilizer) in the summer, and Salt (for de-icing our steps) for the winter.

Garage 9

So there’s our little garden station. It is really handy to have somewhere for all the bits and pieces that go along with gardening. If you are like us and have to store your garden gear in your garage and still want to park two cars in there I hope this post was helpful.

Garage 3

(and to be perfectly honest if I was really potting that fern on the table there would be a MUCH bigger mess on the table 😉

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