It will be too soon!!!Our adoption agency was having a Birthmother’s Picnic. It’s a really sweet idea, adoptive parents and children celebrate their birthmothers. It’s not just for families with open adoptions, you can go just to honor your birthmother where ever she may be. Even families with children adopted from far away countries come to pay tribute.How could we say resist making cupcakes for such an amazing cause?
We ended up making just over 250 cupcakes for the day. Half chocolate and half vanilla, all with a vanilla buttercream icing!It was a really nice day . . . they cupcakes were a hit and we both collapsed on the couch after, exhausted and thoroughly sickened by smell of cupcakes.

Here’s a couple pictures I snapped while in the midst of our cupcake storm.

Cupcakes 5


Cupcakes 1

Each cupcake had it’s own fondant topper. The cupcakes with yellow icing had small white flowers and the cupcakes with white icing had small yellow flowers on top!

Thank goodness I married a man, who can saddled up with some oven mits and help me bake! I’m not sure I could have pulled this one off by myself.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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