Well at least my nose knows. It knows everything!!
I have terrible eyesight. Like really really bad eyesight. I haven’t seen the time on an alarm clock first thing in the morning since I was 10.
But what I lack in the eyesight department I more than make up for in the smell department! I smell everything, cigarette smoke from 4 houses down, fabric softener on the person behind me at the movies, or the perfume on every overly coiffed woman at the mall.

Home Fragrance is something that I tended to avoid,  I was from the school of thought that NO scent is good scent . . . but that’s not entirely true. Cookies, for example, smell amazing . . . as does fresh lemon. It wasn’t until I started making my own Soy Candles using essential oils that I realized I missed a light scent around our home.

I cannot stand the smell of plug-in air fresheners, or aerosol air fresheners. I wanted something really subtle, but more importantly I wanted something NATURAL! Our natural soy candles are great, but they aren’t powerful enough to infuse a whole house full of scent.

You’ve probably seen the recipes for the “William Sonoma Scent” they are all over pinterest (probably because William Sonoma smells amazing). But I decided to try it out for myself . . . it’s awesome! LOVE IT!  I let it simmer on low and when the water runs low I just add a bit more. It gives off an amazing subtle scent.

The last party we threw I simmered a pot on the stove and we had more than one comment on how good it smelt! And I also had one Fed Ex delivery driver tell me my house smelt nice. But it was an early delivery and I was wearing some pretty sexy flannel pajamas and no makeup so he might have been hitting on me. 😉 just kidding #flannelpajamasaren’tsexy

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