First . . . please excuse my photos I forgot to charge the battery on our camera so these are phone pictures . . . phone pictures in low light.I LOVE unexpected pops of pretty. Like when you open a closet door and it’s painted a fun color inside or a jewel box powder room. Our cutlery trays were at one point a splurge item for us. They are wood and while we snagged a good deal on them, I would still consider them a splurge item. So almost 5 years later they are seriously showing some signs of wear and tear. But structurally they are still great (if a cutlery tray can be structurally sound??).

I thought about giving them a coat of spray paint but I didn’t like the idea of our cutlery touching the paint and all of the chemicals that go along with spray paint. I thought about painting them with a more natural no voc paint or even a chalk paint . . . but I didn’t think they would hold up to the abuse, from all of the metal utensils.

I thought about shelf liner . . . easy to clean, easy to install. So I went to Target . . . (p.s. I couldn’t be more excited there’s a target in Canada now!!) I looked at the pretty liners, but then I saw the cork one and cork in cutlery drawers just made sense. The utensils would slide around as much when the drawers were opened and closed! And for less than $10! Perfect.

The only Piece of advice I have about installing it, is:
Cut with scissors not an exacto knife . . . for some reason the cork doesn’t appreciate the cutting blade approach, it kind of crumbles around the edges.

The drawers are in way better shape now . . . I was able to get rid of some extra bits and bobs, and most important make room for a recent gift . . . my new Sophie Conran measuring spoons and cups!!!

Once the battery is all charged up I will take some much better photos for you . . . but I hope these will do for now.
If you follow us on Instagram you would catch a couple photos of my new Sophie Conran dishes. I am so so so excited! When we first got married I wanted to much to register for Sophie Conran dishes but we decided that the fact that we could barely afford food at the time . . . having fancy dishes to eat off of seemed a little extravagant. So I waited and waited, finally 7 years and an amazon gift card later I have them!!!
So I am doing a major cupboard overhaul . . . probably as you are reading this. I can’t wait to share!

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