Office Sneak Peek

We are putting some of the finishing touches on the library this week. It’s almost done . . . so close. We went and ordered the metal for the ladder in the library this weekend. It was so exciting to move one step closer to my dream library/office. I sometimes talk about “Dream Home elements”, those are things that you have always dreamed of for your home. A library with a ladder is my number one dream home element. It feels great to be one step closer.

I mentioned last week that we were planning on adding another desk to the office . . . and we did!!! We’ve almost finished the changes in the library . . . here are some sneak peeks:

We found a spot for my favorite green lamp. The curtains have a bit of green in them and the green lamp ties in really nicely.

These fabulous paper weights were something I couldn’t resist . . .especially because they were on clearance at Chapters for $2!!! They stack up neatly, and are numbered so if you have piles of paper on your desk you can prioritize the piles!

Lastly, our terrarium is still doing really well!!!

I can’t wait to share our new desk and library!!! I think you’re going to love it!!

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