This was a happy reason for a small redo of our office. The ‘ol blog is getting bigger (a big thank you to all of our readers!) I needed a place to deal with bloggy stuff (emails, writing, researching, sponsors, moodboards etc . . .). Before I would just use Lee’s desk during the day while he was at work, but from time to time Lee is able to work from home, and if he tackles a bit of work in the evening I would be relegated to the sofa or the dining room table. The solution was a simple $75 desk from Ikea (found here). Actually it cost us two $75 desks, but we were able to sell our old desk for $75 (even steven).

Now we are able to work in the office together, it’s really nice! It’s more than really nice, it’s the best situation for working. We are able to talk while we research, we are able to play footsies under the table . . . just kidding.

It also gives me a chance to use my favorite chair, I didn’t want a ‘desk chair’ like Lee’s, but I did want a black chair so it nods to Lee’s without matching.

We added a couple of Ekby brackets and shelves to the desk, I thought it gave more definition, and more of a cubicle feel. haha I like that I have an extra shelf to hold books I am using as reference for a post, or a cup of tea.

I added a desk pad (also from Ikea, apparently it was an ikea sort of day), I also grabbed some $5.99 fabric and cut it to size under the desk pad. It’s pretty! 😉

This weekend we added a couple of drawer units, also from Ikea. They are the Micke Drawer units, they have three shallow drawers and one deep drawer for files. They have been the most useful thing we’ve bought for the house! 😉 I’ll share in another post how we organized them all, but even just this weekend they’ve been so great.

We are so happy with how our office for two is coming along. We still have the rolling ladder to add to the bookcases,

but we are making some serious progress in the office, with the addition of our new bird cage for Carson, our new bookshelves and now our desks!!!

What do you prefer, a quiet office for one or a busy office for two?

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