I Love to bake . . . actually we both love to bake (ever seen a 6 foot 8 inch weight lifter bake a cake?? FYI it’s super sexy ;). haha

I saw these Raskog rolling carts from Ikea and I couldn’t resist. I originally picked it up for our bathroom, but it wouldn’t fit into the spot I was thinking of. I drove myself, and I’m sure Lee, crazy trying to think of another place we could use it. I came up with, what I thought, was a great idea but only if I had a pantry and I don’t.
But I thought I would photograph it and explain it for all of you lucky people who have pantries, before I returned the cart.

I thought about making a Baking Cart. You could keep it in your pantry with all of your baking supplies, and roll it out when you’re ready to bake.
I love it!!! Everything you need at your fingertips. I’ve always had a baking cupboard (in fact I have a new post coming up on our NEW and Improved baking cupboard) but a baking cupboard is definitely second to a baking cart! All the ingredients are easily within reach, there is no running back to the pantry for something you forgot. And the cart is so darn cute!

baking cart

I popped the spatulas and wooden spoons on the top, as well as our large jars of flour and sugar. I would also keep our measuring cups and measuring spoons up there!

baking cart2

On the second shelf I stored our glass jars of things like powdered sugar, brown sugar, graham cracker crumbs, and ground almonds.

baking cart3

Lastly, on the third shelf I stored our dried fruits and nuts, as well as chocolate chips!
I don’t know if I’ll ever have a home with a large pantry but if I do . . . you’ll see this baking cart in it!

I hope all you lucky ladies with pantries can find this post useful! For the rest of us I’ll have a post up this week of my new organized baking cupboard!

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