First off, sorry for the lack of posts last week . . . it was a crazy week. We’ll be back with more posts this week!!! :) 

Now on to today’s post which was almost titled “Darn Homesense” I should be banned. In fact Lee should ban me. I went in to pick up one little item for our new bookshelves in the library and this orange beauty was sitting there. Starring at me with it’s tempting $10 price tag.
I never pegged myself as an orange girl, but I loved this pillow. I had never seen one where there were tiny folds all along the front! It kind of reminded me of tile (I don’t know why?).

(Ignore the little doggy face poking out)
Because our living room is SO neutral it was super easy to fit in a colored pillow or two. I don’t know if I will be able to fully commit to the orange but I’ll give it a fair try. So far I’m in love with it (I’m still not sure if it’s new relationship love or if it’s long lasting Notebook love). Once I’ve figured out if this love is meant to last I’ll be willing to invest a little more into the ‘relationship’ and add a throw blanket in orange, or some candle sticks in orange as well. But for now some Orange-ish tulips will do. Wow, this might be a relationship if I bought our new orange pillow flowers already! 😉
But even if we don’t stick with the orange accent, the feather pillow insert alone was worth the $10.So are you Orange with envy over our new orange pillow?? haha 😉

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