This year I wanted to stick with our simple theme, so I decided on Kraft paper wrapping. I’ve seen all the great ways to dress up simple kraft paper and since we already had a big old roll of it in the closet, my evil plan was coming together (commence finger pyramid of evil).
Here’s how I took this:

gifting 1

and turned it into, this:


It was really easy, I made tissue paper flowers for the girl’s presents and Lee folded paper airplanes for the boy’s presents.
The tissue paper flowers were really easy to make, if you’ve ever made a tissue paper pom pom it’s the same process but you only puff up one side of the pom pom making a flower.

gift wrapping 1b

  1. Cut a rectangle of tissue paper, use about 5-7 sheets of tissue paper. Use more tissue paper for Large flowers (7 sheets) and less paper for smaller flowers (5 sheets).
  2. Start folding an accordion about 1- 1 1/2 inches wide.
  3. Now that your accordion is folded.
  4. Tie the middle together. I use small zap straps but you can use a twist tie or a piece of wire or even string.
  5. Round the edges on both sides.
  6. It should look like this.
  7. Then unfold,
  8. and gently pull each layer of tissue paper to the center.

I wanted all the presents to match but be different, so I used similar toppers (flowers for girls, and airplanes for boys). But added different colored ribbons for the different families receiving gifts from us.
Yellow for one family,

gifting 3

Pink for another.

gifting 2

This way we just look at the color of ribbon and know that we got all the presents for that family.

I’m all done shopping for Christmas! But my side of the family does what we call “Homemade Christmas”. We are a family of crafty craftersons so we make each other gifts. I’m about halfway through those gifts but I haven’t wrapped any of them yet. So hopefully by next week we’ll have some more presents under this tree:


I hope you like our kraft wrapping as much as I do. I think I might be doing this every year! It would be so easy to change up the accents every year. And it’s really cost effective. LOVE IT!


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