So we invited a couple over for dinner . . . and let me tell you, it was the worst dinner party ever.
It was awful! They didn’t talk at all, I totally had to carry the conversation all night.


They barely ate anything . . . and at one point they called us fat! Seriously . . . the nerve! 😉


The last straw was when he started to smoke a cigar at the dinner table!! Geez!

All joking aside we are having a dinner party THIS weekend so I set the table in a spooky fashion, our current dinner guests will soon be outside on our front lawn for Halloween night!

I picked up some black fabric for $2 a yard, I needed a yard and a half to do the two black runners. If you can sew a straight line (or even a moderately straight line) you can sew a table runner.
The patterned black fabric on top was part of Lee’s Halloween costume last year (it was a cape), he didn’t need it this year so I cut it up and sewed two more table runners to layer on top.


We didn’t have any napkins with a Halloween vibe so I knew I would have to make a set (and I knew our local fabric store had a sale on Halloween themed fabric). I thought about doing orange but it seemed too . . . expected. So I went with a spooky, kind of yellowy-neon green color with some spooky spiders and spider webs.


Some white plates to pop against the black runners, and some creepy crawly bugs (big pack from Walmart $3).

sk10A bouquet inspired by All Hallows Eve. I chose some dark purple alstroemeria. mixed them with some orange Gerbers, and some bright green button mums. I love the combinations of dark purple, orange, and green, I find it really fresh, but still very “fall”. :)

sk5 sk3

And lastly a feather wreath (Walmart $14.99). I bought this wreath for the front door, but we get such gusty winds our here, it kept blowing off and rolling down the street. So we brought it in, used a command hook and hung it on the barn door. I think it’s my favorite part!


So, in conclusion,  I don’t want to discriminate but if you’re having a dinner party I would leave Skeletons off the guest list . . . they are no fun at all! 😉

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