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I searched long and hard for a funny title to this post and all I could find was “Up your nose with a rubber hose” which makes NO SENSE in this context. So instead I went the much more direct route and titled it “Hose Holder”.

We have two hoses outside, one for the backyard and one for the front! After we installed the rain barrel and attached the hose it was just lying on the ground! So I saw this idea on Pinterest where they used a post to hang the hose on, and you could almost see the light bulb turn on above my head! That’s exactly what we need! It’s pretty and functional!

Hose 3

We found all the supplies at Home Depot and it cost us less than $20 all in!

Hose 2

To save us from having to rent a tool to dig a big hole, not to mention a bag of cement to hold the post in place, we just picked up one of these post holder spikey things (sorry I have no idea what the actual name is).

Hose 6

The hose hook was a simple but necessary purchase ;).

Hose 5

Lastly, we picked up the round topper with trim and added it to the top, I think that’s my favorite part!

Hose 4

We sprayed it all white! The above picture is after 1 coat (we thought it only needed one coat but it turned out to need two). The picture below is 2 coats:

Hose 1

It was a really easy project, one trip to home depot and an hour later we had our Hose Stand!

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