If I had to choose one thing I hate about blogs it would have to be all the amazing things that everyone else finds on craigslist for super cheap.
It seems I can’t go a day without some one sharing the most amazing dresser or dining set they found on craigslist for $1.50 (I might be exaggerating . . . slightly). While at the exact same time I will be scouring craigslist for something, and while they’re driving home their amazing new eames chair for $40, I’m stuck haggling with the guy selling a used billy bookcase for $95 because “Dude, it like totally still works”

Side Story: When we were looking for living room chairs off craigslist we went to see one andย  bottom of it was broken threw and looked like someones pet T-Rex had used it as a chew toy. Lee said I don’t know it looks pretty beat up under there, the guys response was “Duuuude, it like totally still works” Seriously I laughed so hard . . . once we got back to the car . . . without the chair!

But today . . . today I am victorious! I get to be the thing about blogs that I hate!!!! That last part sounded better in my head :S
We picked this up last night! I just have a quick picture of it sitting in the sellers garage but this is it . . . he came home with us! The coolest bench ever!

BenchAnd this is the part that will usually send me into a downward spiral of self pity about why I can’t find anything for that price on craigslist . . . . I only paid . . . . $20 for him!!

He’s a little rough but we’re going to clean him up this weekend . . . maybe give him a fresh coat of paint!!! And should have some fabulous new photos to share of him in his new home, maybe with some new paint.
*Check out that dresser in the back too . . . . it was on sale for $40, but we have no where to put it . . . although I wracked my brain long and hard trying to think of a spot for it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope you have a Great Weekend!!!!

p.s. You may have noticed something new on our sidebar . . . it’s a Feng Shui Video tip of the day!!! I have a serious love of feng shui (more on that next week) and I thought a super simple video tip would be helpful to any of our readers looking to learn more about it. But make sure to check back next week for our post . . . even Lee got on board with feng shui!! ๐Ÿ˜›

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