I hope everyone had a great weekend with the wonderful Fathers in their lives! Both of our dads live far away from us so we spent some time on the phone yesterday!

For Father’s Day celebrations we went on the hunt for Patio Furniture for the backyard. Our hunt was a bust we found nothing (I should clarify . . . we found nothing in our price range). However, we did find some artwork for the guest room.

Guest Room Art 3

We’ve been trying to add a lot of color to our guest room and when I saw this flowery collage print for $9.99 I knew we had to have it. I based my decision half on the fact that the red from the roses matched the red in the curtains perfectly.

Guest Room Art 2

Guest Room Art 4

And half because I’m having a bit of a love affair with collages right now!

Guest Room Art 5

Guest Room Art 1

And It’s not lost on me that we picked out the girliest possible artwork on what should be a very manly day :).

p.s. The print is from JYSK. There are stores across Canada and Europe

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