It seems we’ve done a complete bed overhaul. It started with our new duvet and duvet cover, we added our organic cotton sheets from Target, next came our natural latex mattress topper and now our new green pillows.
Bedroom Pillows1
We’re BED people (see definition below):
Bed People: The type of people who like to hang out in bed watching movies, reading books and surfing the Internet. 

It’s true we do like to hang out in bed, I blame best selling novels and netflix!

With our newly remodeled bed we’ve been spending even more time snuggled in. I chose to make three pillows for the back of the bed because leaning up against a metal bed frame isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, I’d imagine it was something similar to leaning up against Kate Moss. 😉

Bedroom pillows2

I’m so happy with the way that our new pillows turned out. I love that the color green is the exact color found in our duvet.

bedroom pillows3

I love the way that the feather pillow inserts fluff up!

I especially love the contrast of the white piping around the pillows against the green. Although I didn’t love sewing the piping on (tutorial to come).

bedroom pillows4

There was also a happy accident that happened on the back. Using my trusty Envelope Pillow cover technique, I started cutting the fabric for the pillows. I accidentally (aka. Terrible Measuring and Mathematical skills) cut one of the back pieces way to small. I remedied this by sewing on a piece of white fabric to make the back piece longer. The little pop of white on the back is one of my favorite parts of the pillows!

I hope you love ’em as much as we do!
I’m working on a how to post for next week. Sewing the piping on the first pillow was a bit difficult due to my lack of sewing skills. But the second pillow was easier and by the time I made it to the third pillow I had worked all the kinks out and was able to whip it up in 5 minutes flat! I’ll share my tips and tricks with you in the how to post!
Lots of Love !

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3 Responses

  1. Kathy

    I love that whole bedroom. I have a bed similar to the one in the picture, so I wanted to know where you got the table lamps and the bedside tables. I love those as well.
    Thank you so much,
    Kathy Miller

    • Profile photo of Ashley

      Both the table lamps and the bedside tables were from Ikea.
      I will try to find a link for you but it was quite a while ago now so im not sure if they still sell them.

  2. Sophie

    I love the use of green, i think it brings a really fresh botanical feel to a room. I love this lime-ish green… sop zesty!


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