I’ve never been very patient. Lee on the other hand, could be holding a screaming baby,¬† waiting for a huge document to download, while listening to my grandma talk about her bunions and still have patience to spare. I, however, have no patience at all. It’s something I’m working on, but frankly, I’m getting impatient with how long it’s taking ;).

Where am I going with this? We have intruders and I have completely LOST my cool when dealing with them . . . I’m talking about SLUGS!
Those slimy little (excuse my french) BASTARDS are eating my hostas!!! I tried the “beer trap” didn’t work, apparently they aren’t big drinkers.
I tried the upside down grapefruit half, NOTHING! (Apparently slugs will hide under the grapefruit halves to hid from the sun).

Slug damage

I was ready to break my Green promise to my yard and break out the hard chemicals, I wanted to NUKE those little SOBs (again excuse my language).
My mom (her thumb is so green it looks like it belongs to the hulk) suggested Epsom Salt. I was concerned that it would harm the plants but she insisted that it wouldn’t, in fact some of the minerals would be good for the soil! I added a ring of salt around the base of each plant,

and sure enough first thing the next morning I found 3 slugs under the grapefruits, hiding from the salt. We got rid of those three, since then haven’t found anymore and the hostas don’t look like they’ve incurred any more damage either.

 Hopefully that will be the end of the All you can Eat Slug Smorgasbord! Victory is Mine! hehe

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  1. April

    I’m pretty sure our house was built on a slug and snail breeding ground and they wreak havoc on our raised garden bed. We have to sprinkle out Sluggo to keep them from ruining our hard work and eating all our veggies, but it claims to be safe for pets, kids, and veggie gardens. My husband tried picking them off with chopsticks and disposing of them (haha, that was a funny sight!), but there are just way too many of them. Glad to hear the epsom salts work, we’ll have to keep that in mind for flower beds!


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