We ordered some new House Candy from Target.
For a while now the kitchen bar stools have been a thorn in my side. You might have seen me mention all the bar stool drama on the maillardvillemanor feed. But in January I decided that because the bar stools aren’t technically in the kitchen, and were in fact in the dining room, they needed to be more formal.
We moved one of the three into the office as my new corner desk chair, and the other two we were able to sell on craigslist, earning back $100 to add towards new bar stools.  Just to make it clear, we were really happy with the quality of the Ikea Ingolf stools we had before, I just felt they weren’t formal enough.
So, Here’s the Short Version of what happened:
Back in January, I decided we needed new bar stools, so the first thing I did was sell our two remaining bar stools. NOT SMART! It would take until the middle of April to source, buy and ship new bar stools.

But oh, so worth the wait, here’s how it looks now:

Barstools 5

Our New stools are so comfy, thanks to the large seat for your tooshie. And I think that they are a bit more stylish then their white wood predecessors.
Like I mentioned before we were able to sell two of our old bar stools for $100 ($50 each woo hoo), so with $100 from the sale, I set out to spend no more then $200 total for bar stools (that’s only $100 out of pocket). I had a really clear idea of what I wanted! Because our stools are technically in our dining room I think that they should be a little more formal. So Upholstered, parsons style stools were on my short list.
I ignored my number 1 rule, if your working with a strict budget you have to stay open to options that come up. I wasn’t open, I was as closed as a teenagers text book on Friday night. I wanted upholstered chairs and I wasn’t willing to settle for anything less. I did eventually find what I was looking for, in my budget, but it cost me time . . . 3+ months to be specific.

Speaking of budget, how did I do? Well I came in WAY under budget! Each Stool was on sale for $82, then it was save 20%, and free shipping. My total came to $143.17! Subtract the $100 we sold the old bar stools for and we spent a grand total of $43.17 out of pocket!!!

Target order

With our new neutral scheme deciding on a color for the stools was easy enough, a nice neutral taupe. I think they tie into the dining room, with out being too matchy matchy.

Barstools 3

And I like the way they work with the dark wood cabinetry we have going on in the kitchen.

Barstools 2

My only concern is that the backs of the stools don’t stick up above the counter top as much as I would like. Not because the chairs are the wrong height, they’re a perfect 44 inches, but our builders seemed to have picked the height of the bar out of thin air. It’s a minor detail we could always fix in the future, but since both Lee and myself are on the tall side, the slightly higher then normal bar, is actually a pretty darn good height for us.
We’re both really happy with the bar stool switch up. I love the way they look and Lee loves their large size and comfy seat.

Barstools 1

Mostly we’re both just thrilled to have bar stools again, I didn’t realize how much we used them until we didn’t have them there anymore.
What do you think??? Worth the Wait???

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