No big huge changes, just a small touch here and there, but it’s always the small touches that make the difference so I should be saying, BIG HUGE CHANGES IN THE LIVING ROOM!Yesterday I shared our new side table between our wing back chairs.
I should explain what’s going on with them. They are the same chairs that we had in the library. When Christmas came we had to clear out the library to fit our HUGE 12 foot Christmas Tree, with the Christmas Tree in the library we noticed how much more time we spent there. While it looked nice (in fact it was my favorite room in the house) we never used it and our house isn’t big enough to have pretty rooms we never use! So the two chairs found their way into the living room, and the two slip covered chairs are nervously waiting to find out their fate, they could be re-homed somewhere else in the house or they just might find their way on to Craigslist! (Still waiting to decide the best way to use the library, I’m thinking office. And YES we will definitely keep the bookcases no matter what we use it for!) Maybe a big grand piano . . . although neither of us play piano :S errrr . . . scratch that idea.
Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s the new, more neutral/rustic look of our living room:

On the left of the fireplace is our new blanket rack. I am a HUGE fan of blanket racks, it so much nicer to have a neatly hung blanket, then a crumpled mess on the couch. My other reason for a blanket rack is that, some throw blankets are so lovely they’re almost like works of art! The yellow arrow is pointing to the future site of some fabulous artwork (fabulous artwork I have yet to find).

Next I’ll talk about the mantel decorations. Since Spring has officially sprung I thought I would add some Forsythia Branches. I LOVE the small pop of yellow they add! Also, I thought what mantle is complete without some candles, I found the small black candle holders at Ikea . . . they were $5 for all three . . . $5!!!!

Then there’s the little yellow throw pillow I sewed using my trusty envelope pillow cover technique! You might recognize the yellow fabric, I sewed up a set of napkins in the same fabric in this post!

A perspective shot (you can see our front hall console):

Another perspective shot (you can see my new desk too):

So there it is! Our new, rustic, neutral living room . . .I hope we’ve convinced you that beige doesn’t have to be boring . . . beige with a little yellow that is ;).
One last look:

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  1. juliana

    Love love this room! Where did you get the side tables? I’ve been looking for ones like that!


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